UPDATE: Alert Level 2 and 3.

NZ is set to move up Covid-19 alert levels. Signbiz have raw materials in stock and are able to supply Screens, Floor decals, Window Signage and other Covid-19 related products. Please see our Catalogue for prices and further information.



Level 4 Protocol:

In the event of New Zealand returning to level 4 lockdown, we will continue to provide services to the essential service market.

All Signbiz office staff will be operating remotely from home. Quotes and designs for future or existing jobs are still able to be completed for delivery when usual business commences. Factory staff will be on site completing jobs deemed essential.

If you have a new idea or an upcoming job that needs signage, please email your nearest branch.

Signbiz Limited is deemed as an essential service, providing essential supplies to the Grocery Store Sector. To ensure the safety of our staff and those we interact with we have put the following measures in place in accordance with Government Regulations:

  • minimise, or eliminate if possible, physical interactions among staff and with and between customers
  • ensure appropriate health, hygiene and safety measures are in place
  • restrict activity to only what is essential during the Alert Level 4 period
  • working from home as far as possible
  • limiting, or eliminating if possible, physical interaction between staff, eg through physical distancing, split shifts, staggered meal breaks and flexible working arrangements
  • limiting, or eliminating if possible, physical interaction with and between customers, eg through online or phone orders, contactless delivery or managed entry (while also avoiding crowding outside), and physical distancing both inside and outside the premises
  • hygiene basics of hand-washing and sanitisers
  • frequent cleaning of premises, especially counters and  other high-touch surfaces
  • protective equipment for staff as appropriate.

We hope you all keep safe during this period.

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