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Signbiz is pleased to offer its ‘Workmanship Guarantee’ to give customers a strong sense of confidence behind every project executed by Signbiz staff across New Zealand.


Signbiz employs over 135 staff members, operating and communicating as one cohesive team while sharing expertise, resources, and experience. Our Workmanship Guarantee covers all staff over all branches countrywide.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety Management Plan

Signbiz takes Health & Safety seriously and therefore has a dedicated National Health & Safety Manager, while Officers at every branch hold regular meetings with their wider team and completes all documentation in line with the Signbiz H&S Management Plan.

Health and Safety Documentation

For every job, Signbiz personnel complete Task Analysis forms, while larger projects require Site Specific Safety Plans to be completed to ensure all bases are covered from a Health & Safety perspective.


In addition to being a Site Safe approved company, Signbiz also holds a Green Site Wise Accreditation Certificate which gives customers a sense of reassurance throughout managing their project.

Within the group, Signbiz staff across the country hold the following Health & Safety Certificates:

  • Site Safe

  • Elevated Work Platforms (EWP)

  • Rope Access

  • First Aid

Signbiz Aftercare Service

Vehicle Signage Re-working.

In line with its values being ‘Quality & Service’, Signbiz offer an After-Care Service following the completion of projects to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

Signbiz invites all customers that have had vehicles graphics installed to return within 5-10 days for any re-working required. A follow-up appointment is scheduled to check over the vinyl after it has had some time to sit on the vehicle. Skilled Signbiz staff will go over the vinyl with a fine-tooth comb, so the standard promised is kept and customers are left satisfied with the results.

The customer’s attendance at this appointment is of the utmost importance, as it ensures the quality of the product and our service. These After-Care Service appointments can be carried out at any of our branches nationwide. Thus, if a customer needs to change the time or location of their booking, Signbiz can be contacted accordingly.

On rare occasions, products may require reworking however in this instance Signbiz will fast-track any item that requires attention and immediately moved to the front of the workload to become a priority job.

Machinery & Technology

Advanced Technology

Signbiz appreciates the importance and benefit of using advanced manufacturing, application, and installation technology which leads to a wider range of design options, signage solutions, faster install times, and a higher quality finish.

Facilities and Production Capacity

Cutting-edge facilities and technologies at each Signbiz branch offer broad digital and commercial print solutions across the print spectrum, along with advanced finishing capabilities. Possessing massive production capacity, Signbiz has the capability to run seven top-of-the-range machines operating 24-hours a day to meet customer demand. This also provides Signbiz with the scope to deliver on large-scale signage projects as well as smaller business orders.

Specialist Machinery

With fabrication workshops in the North & South Island, Signbiz utilises specialist machinery such as roll-to-roll printers, flatbed printers, CNC routers, vinyl laminators, vinyl plotters, laser cutters, and metal-working equipment. Consequently, this minimises costs to customers while providing quicker production times and quality assurance of all our products.

Quality Assurance Promise

Quality Assurance Checks

Signbiz understands that customers expect and deserve a final product reflective of their investment, thus ensures all product leaving any Signbiz workshop meets quality requirements.

Site Surveys

As part of the all-inclusive service, Signbiz manages each project holistically. Qualified staff carry out site surveys prior to beginning a job to assess environmental considerations, logistics, health & safety, and measurements which may affect manufacturing or installation methodology.

Expert Knowledge and Products

After decades of using an array of materials from various suppliers, Signbiz has extensive product knowledge around specifications, lifespans, and warranties. In addition to having the expertise to tailor which material types to use for specific jobs, Signbiz also religiously sources the highest-grade materials from reputable brands, including the likes of 3M, Avery, and Oracal.

Experienced Managment

Experienced Production Managers located at every Signbiz branch oversee the design, print, and manufacturing stages of each job. In addition, Production Managers organise the coordination of planning, logistics, and traffic management required for installation and will be on-hand to ensure that any potential issues are identified early and acted upon.

Warranties & Insurances

Comprehensive Cover

For signage projects of all sizes, it is crucial to have protection against unforeseen risks, from the production phase, point of installation, and lifespan of different materials. With our core values being ‘Quality & Service’, Signbiz provides comprehensive cover to each customer through owning warranties and insurances to protect end-users against unanticipated financial and logistical issues.

Exclusive Warranty

Recognised as an elite-tier brand within New Zealand’s signage industry, Signbiz was granted the ICS Platinum Warranty by Avery Dennison in 2021. This Integrated Component System (ICS) Platinum Warranty is only available exclusively to Specialist Converters and Installers identified by Avery Dennison.

Signbiz is also covered by the Component System (OCS) Project Warranty by ORAFOL, which is a world-leading manufacturer of innovative self-adhesive graphic films, reflective materials, and adhesive tape systems.

Avery Dennison ICS Platinum Warranty & ORAFOL OCS Project Warranty provides cover against:

  • Product Durability

  • Product Defects

  • Manufacturing & Workmanship Defects

  • Cutting Defects

  • Product Replacement

  • Remanufacturing

  • Re-application

Indemnity Insurance

Insured by New Zealand insurance providers, Ando, Signbiz projects are covered by $10,000,000 (NZD) Limit of Indemnity across the below areas:

  • Trade Tools & Equipment

  • Loss of Income

  • Motor Vehicles

  • Accidental Injury & Damage

  • Material Damage & Loss

Employee Qualifications

Formal Qualifications

At Signbiz, formal qualifications are as crucial as experience. Our nationwide team boasts highly qualified staff, enabling us to provide superior signage solutions and exceptional problem-solving abilities.

To establish Signbiz as New Zealand’s top signage company, our Production staff, Designers, Account Managers, Project Managers, and Branch Management hold various qualifications, including:

Sign Writing Trade Certificate

Unlike other signage companies, Signbiz encourages its staff to pursue the 4-year Signmaking Level Certificate offered by Competenz. This comprehensive program equips them with essential skills such as hand lettering, 3D sign fabrication, digital signage promotion, health and safety knowledge, graphic design, sign manufacturing, film application, surface preparation, painting techniques, illuminated sign production, installation techniques, and digital printing.

Computer Graphic Design & Digital Design:

Alongside our skilled Sign Writers, Signbiz employs Graphic Designers who have obtained degrees in Design and Digital Design from renowned universities. These creative individuals possess expertise in various design platforms, design theory, file setup, functional design, color theory, typography, illustration, and storyboard creation. Their innovative thinking allows us to offer customers unique signage solutions.


Our team includes professionals with Marketing degrees who understand customer needs and current trends. This knowledge enables Signbiz to create effective branding, including customised logos, vehicle graphics, building signage, and more.

To ensure continuous up-skilling, Signbiz has a dedicated Staff Development Officer overseeing this aspect for all branches nationwide. We also offer an exclusive 5-day training course for new recruits to the signage industry.