Walk The Pink Line

Signbiz Wellington applied 3km of pink floor graphics for the Performance Arcade 2020 event.  The event ran from 26 February until the 1 March 2020. Did you get a chance to follow the pink line?  If you didn’t manage to attend this year, sign up to their newsletter, and receive information for next years event as soon as it comes out.

What was it all about? Below is an excerpt from the 2020 Performance Arcade Website:

“The Performance Arcade has teamed up with Wellington City Council and the Queens Wharf community to produce a six-week programme of free music and activities every Saturday from 25 January to 29 February.

Join us under the sails at Queens Wharf to get a taste of The Arcade: the gateway to The Pink Line will be host to an exciting mix of events, live music and interactive activities for all ages. Relax with a picnic in our specially designed seating areas, try out special discounted dinners at the local restaurants and bars, or grab a bite from one of the food trucks—and enjoy a wide range of live music and performance. “